HOUDINI - Explosions - Sparse & Axiom solvers

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HOUDINI - Explosions - Sparse & Axiom solvers

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UPDATE: 29/Oct/2022: Sparse solver update to H19.5 with new Karma XPU shader, TOPS and Compositing within houdini.

UPDATE: 19/Jan/2022: Axiom v2 update to H19 with Redshift, Cycles & Karma CPU Shaders

UPDATE: 12/Jan/2022: Axiom v2 update to H19 along with Karma XPU setup & rendering

UPDATE: 09/Nov/2021: Sparse version Houdini 19 compatibility update & more.

UPDATE: 28/Oct/2021: Built Sparse solver from ground up as well as updated RS shader to ACES colorspace and new Blender cycles shader update (configured within houdini 18.5).

UPDATE: 04/Sep/2021: Built axiom explosion from ground up as well as updated RS shader to ACES colorspace and new Blender cycles shader update (configured within houdini).

UPDATE: 28/Feb/2021: Added Mantra render version for legacy solver.

UPDATE: 06/Feb/2021: Added Axiom solver version hip file.

UPDATE: 20/Feb/2021: Added redshift shader tutorial & tutorial files.

UPDATE: 17/Jan/2021: Added new scatter enabled Redshift shader file. The models in the preview are NOT included.

UPDATE: 22/Dec/2020: Added reference files & solver settings reference images.

Updated tutorial series is : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi9R7ToKlBz0_nY6BmLbDT_BE7VeH6Unj

UPDATE: 06/Dec/2020: Added Houdini 18.5 sparse solver version indie HIP file along with blender render & natron comp files

UPDATE: 23/Oct/2020: Added houdini 18.5 explosion blender cycle shader files.

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This purchase will have Houdini Explosion with Trails indie HIP files for parts I to VIII of the tutorial series, and also a bonus HQ version of tutorial part VIII.

1 original indie hip file from the teaser video.

1 After Effects file used to composite the original teaser video.

Please note that this is rendered in redshift and if you don't have this you can certainly render with mantra or any other render engine of your choice. Just delete redshift nodes.

Please also note that the background image is not part of this but you can download it for free from


Thanks for your support.

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UPDATE - 19/Jan/2022 - HOUDINI 19 - Explosion - Axiom v2 Update - Redshift, Cycles & Karma XPU


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